WeSTOC XVI – the next trip

The first trip of the 2011 riding season is in place. In late June, I’ll be heading out to Nelson, BC for the 16th Western Honda ST1300 Owners Club meeting and gathering.


Now I know what you’re thinking – “but, Ian, you don’t have an ST1300, you have an FJR1300!”

Yes that’s true, but I have an in. The fellow that runs Calgary Sport Touring, Tim Graham, have been my supplier for the StarCom intercom units that we use on our bikes. Since we’ve bought 5 units from him, plus some other stuff, I guess we rate as a good customer. Add the fact that last year I upgraded from the Burgman to the FJR, a cousin of the Honda ST1300, he graciously extended a special invitation to me to attend this years ST event.

The only downer is that it runs during the week, and it’s at the end of the month while school is still in – so Louise can’t come. I do have a plan for some rides though – I’m calling it the BC Interior Dam and Ferry Ride. The idea is that over the three days of riding I’ll get a picture of the bike near all the ferries and dams I can reach. Pointless? Yes. But it does provide some minuscule reason for riding around! I’ll have the Spot Messenger on, and I’ll be blogging at the end of days biking.


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