WeSTOC Day 0 – Tracking

On Monday I leave for Nelson, BC, which is the headquarters of WeSTOCXVI for 2011. WeSTOC is the Western Honda ST1300 Owners Club. I know Tim Graham, the organizer of this years event pretty well, and he issued a special invitation to me, and since I’m kinda between jobs right now, the timing has worked out pretty well. In fact it would have been perfect, but Louise can’t get the time off of work, so she won’t be going and I’m going solo 😦 .


Anyway, I leave on Monday morning and I’ll be blogging the trip each day, plus I’ll have me Spot Messenger updating the map in close to real time:

I’ll put the link to the map on the main blog page as well on each blog entry. Hopefully, through the blog, you can share some of the scenery and great roads that I’ll be riding for 5 days.


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