WeSTOC Day 3 – Lunch at Grand Forks

We had a pretty eclectic day of riding today. The first destination road was Passcreek Road that runs from Crescent Valley to just north of Castlegar. This road is an extension of the number 25 Destination Road in BC. It’s not very long, but it does have some excellent twisties marred only by sow blind driveways and gravel in the corners. I got a bit spooked in one corner where the rear wheel slipped out on the gravel while I had the bike leaned over hard. The deer yesterday scared me more though, just to put things into perspective.

From Castlegar, we headed over the Paulson and Bonanza passes on Highway 3 on the way to Christina Lake for coffee and then to Grand Forks for lunch. We stopped at a view point that looks out over the lake for some pictures and a bio break in the rough.

Here’s a view of the lake.


We sort of all swapped cameras so we get our pictures taken, here’s mine.



The plan from here was to head down to the village of Christina Lake and find a coffee place. Guy thought he had the perfect place in mind, but instead we toured all around the west side of the village before turning around and heading back the way we came. The once past the village on the east side, we turned around on the highway and went back west again into the village. We stopped, where one of our group asked a civilian and presumably a native, if she knew of a place for coffee. She did and directed us to go a little further west to a place called Kool Treets. Meanwhile, Guy took off down a side road into the village and left the rest of us back on the highway. I rode up and down some roads looking for him to no avail.

So the rest of us went to Kool Treets, and ordered milkshakes and such. After most of us had ordered, Guy called to say that he was at a place up the road and had been waiting for us! We left him there, until I finished my milkshake, then I headed up to meet him and to bring him back to the rest of the crew.

With every one back together, we zipped off to Clyde’s Pub on the corner of Second Street and Market Avenue for lunch. We were served by a waitress who claimed to be the owner, but even if she wasn’t, the service was good and the food even better. During lunch I got to do some iPhone troubleshooting between bites. After driving further into Grand Forks to the same gas station that Louise and I, and Robert and I had gassed up at last year we all topped off before heading back east.

Instead of coming straight back to Nelson, we took a side trip through the Nancy Green Provincial Park and over the Nancy Greene pass, which used to be called the Strawberry Pass. While Nancy was recently appointed to the Senate, that’s not why there’s a park named after her. If you don’t recall, she was a very hot downhill skier back in the 70s and early 80s I think.

South of the park are the towns of Rossland and Trail, but we didn’t stop at either town, instead we stopped for a bio break at a gas station at the highway crossroads, then headed back trying to get to the hotel in time to catch the Motoport seminar. Riding up to Trail I could see two huge smokestacks – I guess that’s why the major junior hockey team in Trail is called the Trail Smoke Eaters. So we were late for the scheduled start of the seminar, but luckily, because so many riders were coming in late, the start of the seminar was delayed, so we didn’t miss anything.

The Motoport seminar was fairly interesting, although I think the owner is somewhat biased. I love my Aerostich suit, I’ve had it for about 6 years now, and its as good as waterproof, (and I’ve tested that a few times). Anyway, the Motoport gear is really good stuff and Louise is pretty sure she’s going to order a pair of custom-made riding pants. The jackets and pants are all made of Kevlar, which is extremely tough stuff, and the armor they use is good for racing. I asked a number of questions and talked to the owner about my ‘Stich. He did make some sense, so maybe someday I’ll replace the ‘Stich with a Motoport suit. If you want to see more information on the Motoport stuff, <a href="click here – Motoport.com.

After the seminar, I got a 20 minute neck massage, had a late dinner, called Louise and hit the hay.


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