PNW 2011 Trip – Day 1

Aug 13, 2011 – After nearly a year of planning and thinking, we finally left on what will be our second longest motorcycle trip ever – this one will be 2 weeks and 2 days. It’s also Louise’s first trip on her new VStrom. We spent nearly all Friday night packing and getting everything ready, and on Saturday morning, we got the bikes packed up and by 10am, we were on the road! Well almost, we had to stop for gas first and then it took almost 45 minutes to actually get out of the city, but, OK, by 145am we were on Highway 2 south of Calgary.

The plan was to head south to Nanton, then take Highway 533 to the Cowboy Trail – Highway 22 south. We’d stop at Pincher Creek for some food and gas, then continue down past Waterton National Park, through the Chief Mountain border crossing into the US and stop for the night at Johnson’s Campground in St. Mary, Montana, right on the eastern gate to the Glacier National Park.

Along the way, I learned how to take photos with my Sony pocket cam, from the bike. We had a great meal at Johnson’s Cafe and met some nice folks on a motorcycle from Salt Lake City, Utah, who camped right next to us.

Tomorrow, we tackle the Going to the Sun Highway over Logan Pass right through the Glacier National Park.

So here’s some pictures!

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