PNW2011 – Day 6

Aug 18, 2011 – Too early it seemed, we woke up, showered and set off in search of breakfast. Along the way, we spotted this naval artifact … even though I did some googling, I still haven’t figured out what this is – I only know from the designation on the side, “DD445”, that it’s from the USS Fletcher, a US Navy Destroyer built in WWII.

Some gizmo from the USS Fletcher

Some gizmo from the USS Fletcher

The Red Lion InnWe decided on the Corner Cafe, that we had seen the night before when we were looking for dinner. The locals – there was an entire corner that had about 10 folks from the local mill (I think) – all stared at us as we sat down, the kind of thing you see in movies! After a pretty good brekkie, we headed back to the Red Lion to pack up.

Raymond to ForksToday, we were headed for sparkly Vampire country – Forks on the Olympic Peninsula, well actually the Three Rivers Resort, about 15 minutes from Forks. For those reading over, say 40 years old, Forks has become famous with the teen and young adult crowd as the setting for the Twilight series of movies.

Anyway, by just 11am we headed, stopped at the gas station to tank up … Louise filling up … and we hit the road heading north. We stayed in forest for a while, and at about 130pm we stopped for a bit of a stretch.

By around 3pm, the highway came very close to the ocean and ran parallel for quite a few miles. We stopped and took some more pictures …

We arrived in Forks in the late afternoon and stopped at the Forks Coffee Shop for a sandwich and a coffee, before continuing out to the campsite a few miles from town. Somehow it didn’t look like the Forks Coffee Shop that I recalled from the movie Twilight, but maybe that was movie magic at work.

Anyway, we zipped along a really fun backroad from the highway to the campsite at the Three Rivers Resort. While the resort is a little bit of an exaggeration, it was nice; and it really caters to fishing – there’s a cleaning station right at the campsite, and the general store was loaded with fishing supplies and gear.

Once we had the campsite setup, we got a snack from the restaurant at the General Store, chatted a bit with some folks, did some laundry, then hit the sack.

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