PNW2011 – Day 9

Aug 21, 2011 – We set off in search of breakfast this morning. The hotel breakfast the day before was underwhelming, so we hiked off into downtown Victoria looking for a place that Louise recalled from being here back in the spring. After much wandering around, we finally found one of the only places that was open, it turned out that it was the place! Finally coffee and breakfast!

Good thing I finally got some coffee …

Ian before coffee …

Ian after coffee – much happier!

Louise was pretty much unaffected by any lack of caffeine …

In the afternoon, we rode my bike to Fort Rodd Hill Park, on the west side of Esquimalt, the Pacific base of the Royal Canadian Navy. I had no idea this fort existed until Louise and Robert visited it back in March. You can find more information on Fort Rodd Hill Park at the Parks Canada website here. Here’s a few pics …

Part of the Fort Rodd Hill site is Fisgard Lighthouse …

We pretty much closed the park down, one of last ones to leave. After another relaxing night, we headed off to bed – tomorrow we were going to be back on the road!

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