Solo To Sarnia – Day 1

So first day of the trip and we actually got off on time.  I say we because Ian is riding with me to Havre MT. on the first day.

Not much to say about the first part of the route, we went down the number  one to Medicine Hat, so it was ride, gas, eat, ride.

After lunch we took Highway 41 going through cypress hill to the border.  Not a lot of traffic on the road Yay, but really hot boo, until we climbed up in to the hill where it cooled down a little but not for long.  I am wearing new gear and it is pretty cool when moving, but when you stop your temp climbs fast.  I am still on the fence wether I like it or not.  Ian stopped to take some pictures of the road.


you’ll notice that Ian took all the pictures, something I am going to have to remember to do.  Anyway we crossed the border and continued into Havre and here we are.  Ian goes back to Calgary tomorrow and I continue on to Sarnia.

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