Solo To Sarnia – Day 2

Well today was my first day on the road by myself.  I have to admit to having a huge case of the jitters. Ian and I have always done long distance trips together, besides flying to see my sister I have not traveled alone in about 16 years, so by myself and on the bike is a big step out of my comfort zone.

So how did the day go?  After saying goodbye to Ian I pulled out of Havre and thought “I am on my way”, for about a mile then I realized my tank bag was open so I stopped and closed it and turned on my iPod.  So I’m off … but not yet, I realized I hadn’t turned on tracking on my Spot, so I stopped again.

Finally I’m on the move. I’ve ridden Highway 2 before about 4 years ago and I recognized some of the land marks and unfortunately the collection of dead animals on the side of the road. About an hour in and I had the opportunity to add to the total – a mother deer and two fawn’s popped out of the ditch and walked across the road! I’m happy to say the brakes on the Strom are in good shape and I slowed it down in time.

When I travel with Ian I have a tendency to want to ride until I need gas, so Ian kept reminding me that I had to stop every so often, so the picture of a historic marker is for him.  

See I did stop once before I needed gas!

And I had to stop one more time after, for some reason my shock started bottoming out on Highway 25, and since there was a kamikaze trucker that I had already passed, I decided to stop, adjust the shock, have a snack and let him get far far away.

From there, it was just a smooth run in to Glendive … except that my GPS tried to send me back onto Highway 94 instead of to my hotel, but we argued and I won and here I am.  And yes Ian … I remembered to eat dinner!

One thought on “Solo To Sarnia – Day 2

  1. Have a good time and be safe!!
    Will have plenty to talk about when you get back about your BIG ADVENTURE!!
    Lots of love,


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