Solo To Sarnia Day 4

So this is day 4, and I think this is I have enjoyed the most so far.   I started off early for me at just after 9 and quickly crossed in to Minnesota and stopped to get a map and a pic.

Bison as seen by Timothy Leary

Then off back onto the 94 for a short while, then the voice in my helmet told me to turn left then right on to highway 54 (I think), but not as busy as the 94 not on there for long and the voice told me to go the highway 34, yes finally single lane roads and not very busy so I stopped to take pictures.

Minnesota is very green and lots of trees and a very pretty ride. And then the voice in my head decided to play with me.. Go left she said, so i did onto some side street in a little town. then she said go right, go right, then go left and I was back on the 34 the same road I left.  Now I am always telling Ian that I need to practice my slow speed handling and as he is the one who programmed my GPS I think he was trying to sneak some practice in on me. This was confirmed when the voice told me to turn left and do a u-turn, not likely so I stopped for gas instead.

She recalculated (man did she sound pissed) and I continued on and did something I rarely do.  I stopped for lunch.

Larry’s has it all!

After that the voice redeemed herself and directed me to highway 200, this road was awesome, not twisty and the surface was kind of crap with holes appearing out toward the edges, but the scenery was great and I had the road to myself except for the occasional  person who passed me.  Unfortunately there was no shoulder and all the spots to pullover were gravel, some thing I hate but am going to try to learn to love later.  But take my word for it, trees right up to the side of the road with the occasional break in them for small bodies of water.  From there it was onto the number 2 highway and in to Duluth and over their twisted network of bridges to Superior, and my stay for the night.

So all in all day 1 was great, I was with Ian.  Day 2 I was nervous all day.  Day 3 was just work to get across North Dakota. and Day 4 I really enjoyed and I’m starting to think I can do this.

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