Solo To Sarnia Day 5

I pulled out of Superior around 9:30 thinking I got away early, but again I forgot to factor in the time change.  So my first stop was at the Michigan tourist information centre for some pictures, snack and a map just in case the “voice” and I disagreed again.

Just in case your not sure …

Then it was off on Highway 2 for awhile, where I again got to see a deer up close, luckily she was considerate enough to jump out of the tree’s between the car in front of me with enough space for me to slow down.  I stopped for gas just before turning onto Highway 28, and met a couple on a Honda Goldwing going east, started talking about destinations and the heat, and the guy suggested that I should start out really early to avoid the heat – they start a 2 in the morning! With me and the deer already visiting a couple of times I don’t think I’ll push my luck and travel at dawn.

Then onto Highway 28.  There is probably the best corner of the whole trip when you are going onto the highway, but the road surface is pretty crappy and the front tire got into a nice crack that was following the corner and the front end went a little squirrelly. After thinking a bad word I just relaxed my grip and let the bike sort itself out.  About the first 15 to 20 miles of the road had a lot of tar snakes, at some points it looked like some one had just poured lot of tar allover the lane, it made for some interesting riding.

See the tar snakes on the roadway?

This road is one that Ian and I rode when we went to Ontairio and Quebec in 2008, unfortunately when we rode it it was pouring rain and pretty cold, not fun. This time it was a pretty road.  In 2008, we stopped at a little one pump gas station to warm up and it was kind of surreal, so I stopped at the same store for gas this trip. It wasn’t so menacing in the sun and I had an audience while I pulled in on my enemy – gravel!

An Audience! No pressure though …

After that stop and one more to take pictures …

… and have a snack, I continued on to Munising. The last 27 miles was in the rain, but I didn’t put the liners in – I stayed dry though.  After behaving herself all day the voice decided to play with me just before arriving at the hotel, and tried to have me turn left down a gravel road, I disagreed and decided to pull into a gas station to look at the map, but lo and behold there was my hotel on the right. Then the voice told me I had arrived, like she was right along.

The Lurv Tub

While I was checking in, the clerk told the couple ahead of me that unless the had a reservation they only had two jacuzzi rooms on the ground floor left. The couple didn’t want those rooms so I switched to the main floor room and gave my second floor room to them – yay no stairs!   When I went in to the room I discovered I didn’t just have a jacuzzi I had a lurv tub.

After unpacking and cleaning up I had dinner at the gas station – yum – nuked burrito. Then I played with, screamed at and finally called tech support about, Garmin Basecamp and finally went to bed to ride another day.

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