Solo To Sarnia – The Return – Day 2

The day started out looking kind of grey, there was a thunder storm last night and everything was wet.  This morning I had to add air to the tires, first time this trip. Getting the bike loaded and ready to go became a spectator sport with a lot of people watching and asking questions.  The maintenance guy at the hotel has a GS 1200 so we talked roads for a while, but eventually I was ready to leave and try the Tunnel of Trees road.

The road looked promising when I saw a sign saying twisty road next 20 miles – sweet! It was a very narrow, maybe one and a half lanes wide road with no centre line. First thing I noticed was that the rain last night had washed some sand and gravel into the corners, not one of my favourite things, so I just took it at my own pace.  

The road wasn’t extremely twisty with mostly gentle curves, but it did have a few 90 degree turns, with some going uphill.  I did pretty well until on one of the 90 degree turns I met a car that decided to drive into the corner before trying to turn, I’m pretty sure my pannier just missed his front end. I had to stand the bike up and then lean it back into the corner, and then remember to breath. The rest of the road was okay but as I was coming out of one of the last corners there was a tree down across 3/4 of the road, I avoided that and decided that I would stop at Cross Village at the end of the road for a break.

I decided to have lunch at the Leg Inn in Cross Village.

It gets it name from all the stove legs that go around the top of the building.  The decor was pretty interesting with lots of wood carvings and interesting things, and the food was pretty good too. They specialize in Polish food so I had a cabbage roll, and it was pretty good.

After lunch I took some more pictures and headed back to the bike.  When I had parked I looked for a spot that would be easy to get out of and nothing was around me.

When I came back I saw that I had started something.

After leaving Cross Village I headed for the I75, I was starting to think that the voice in my head was just playing with me with all the turns onto little roads but eventually I came to the Mackinac bridge.

Today was really windy and they had speed restrictions on the bridge for big trucks and motor homes, so my luck I was behind a motor home doing 20mph and to make for more fun the had closed down the right lane so I had to ride on the metal grating in high winds at less than 20mph behind a motor home that couldn’t maintain a speed.  Fun times, when I reached the other end I decided to take a break and breath, so a nice lady took my picture with my bike.

The rest of the ride was slow, as there was construction on US-2 for pretty much the whole distance I had to travel it, so I pulled into Munising at about 4:30ish and day two is done.

Off to Superior tomorrow.

One thought on “Solo To Sarnia – The Return – Day 2

  1. So your bike is still heading in the wrong direction, listen to the lady in your head and come back this way we all miss you and JB and BC are looking for you. Stay safe and keep in touch. Lots of love the daCunha Family 🙂

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