Solo To Sarnia Return Day 4

This morning I woke up late due to me and technology not being fully compatible. I thought I turned on the alarm on my phone, but … I guess not.  Even though the start of the day was a bit of a rush, I still got away when I planned to.  I wanted to check the oil in the bike today too, since I hadn’t checked it since Monday, but there’s always been a small problem in that there is no centre stand to hold the bike upright. So I asked another motorcyclist who was getting ready, if he would hold the bike up.

“Sure no problem” He had a puzzled look on his face “You’re by yourself?”

He held up the bike and I added oil and all is good. But here is how OCD I am – I checked the oil filler cap  like 4 or 5 times during the day afraid that I hadn’t tightened it and it had fallen off.

So off I go, got through Superior/Duluth no problem, gave the voice in my head something to complain about because the exit for Highway 2 was closed so she had to recalculate again and again, meanwhile I just followed the detour signs.  She was not happy and she would get revenge later in the day.

At my first stop, to check my oil filler cap, I got a peanut butter cookie and had a chat with another customer and the lady behind the counter, they were some of first people who didn’t think it strange and scary that I was traveling all on my own.

Floodwood - Catfish Capital OF THE WORLD!

Floodwood – Catfish Capital OF THE WORLD!

So off again to Highway 39 and then onto Highway 200 and this is were the “voice” gets her first revenge – coming up to the stop she says turn right, I glance down at the screen to make sure thats what she wanted and sure enough the arrow went right, so I did too. Then the voice says, “recalculating” “turn left” – but not likely! It was a gravel road! I did a u-turn in the road at a intersection, rather proud of myself as I had to deal with gravel, sand and blacktop all in one u-turn.

Now I was on the 200 and on my way down this road was pretty deserted and the road condition was really bad.  Today they were ripping up pretty much the whole road so for the first 30 miles I had to ride on the ground down surface and stop few time for single lane traffic and for extra fun they had oiled the last bit of it.

But after that it was all new blacktop and oh … was it smooth.

A little further along and the the voice says bear right, turn right, and then you hear (imagine, actually) her laughing and she says make a u-turn, so I did ( I’m getting pretty good at them). Except this time there was the town Sheriff watching in his car, and followed me out of town where I went back onto the road I had been on. Sheriff turned of once I crossed over the town limits.

I stopped for lunch, and this is a good thing. Then got back on the road and played leapfrog with some semi’s on the way to Highway 94, where the damn voice sent me down the wrong road for one last u-turn. Eventually I made it to Fargo and tomorrow I head for Glendive and then the next day to Havre where I am meeting up with Ian for the last leg home!


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