Solo To Sarnia Return Day 6

Today I’d arrive in Havre, where Ian was waiting for me! But first, I had to leave Glendive. Along the way I stopped at a rest stop for a break …

I arrived in Havre at about 3:30pm thinking I’d surely beat Ian to town. On the way to the Siesta Motel, where I’d be meeting him, I stopped to fill-up the VStrom’s tank at a gas station on the east side of town, then rode on up the main street to the motel.

Rolling into the parking lot, I discovered that Ian had just beat me! In fact he had just finished fuelling up his bike at a different gas station as I pulled up the pump at a gas station further east! He had parked at the motel, gone inside to check on checking in, and as he was talking to the motel manager, I pulled up.

He ran out, said “Hi!” and took some pics of me getting un-geared.

Arrival in Havre!

After a shower, which we both needed, and dressed in street clothes, we headed out for dinner. On the way Ian took a couple of pictures …

Louise and the bikes in front of the Siesta Motel

Louise in new top …

The last time we were in Havre, we had dinner at the Guadalajara Family Mexican Restaurant and we liked so much we went there again for dinner.

So he must have really missed me, as he surprised me with a wedding band that I can wear (I’m allergic to most metals, and this one is titanium). After 29 years I’m “officially” married!

Louise’s new titanium wedding band

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