Solo To Sarnia Return Day 7

We got up and headed around the corner to Char’s Family Dining for a pretty good breakfast. With that out of the way, we got packed and loaded up the bikes.

Loading the bikes

We managed to leave the hotel by about 930am, since we had both fueled up the night before, we were on the road pretty early (for us). We made it through the US/Canada border at about 1015am, then stopped in the hot wind for a drink just up the road from the Canadian border farm house.

Back in Canada

Back in Canada!

The highway from the border to the Cypress Hills Provincial Park is … well, kinda boring in its’ straightness. I got this picture of Louise though …

Louise, over my shoulder

Later on we stopped at the favourite PetroCanada greasy spoon dive for lunch. The same waitress was working, remembered Louise from the first time we were through. I should have got a picture of her.

The PetroCanada greasy spoon in Medicine Hat

I think I might have the same lunch as before too, a toasted BLT and fries – they were good!

After a while on the road, melting in the heat, we stopped at a rest stop for a drink and some shade.

Stopped for some shade

And a nap …

Napping in the shade

It was only a quick nap though, because home was only a couple of hours more away. After a quick gas stop in Strathmore, we cruised on into the city, arriving at home at about 415pm.

Arriving home!!

Our son Robert was pretty happy to have Louise home and so were our best friends Jo and Al.

Welcome Home Louise!

6556 kms

So, after over 6500 kms riding alone over a month, Louise was home!

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