2012 Nakusp HU Trip – Day 1

15 Aug 2012 – After a few days delay, we headed off on our big 2012 trip which eventually will take us to Nakusp, BC for the annual Horizons Unlimited gathering there.

In the early afternoon, we got the bikes packed up and headed off. First we stopped at the Bossi Construction offices, so we could say goodbye to Robert.

Along the way, both Louise and I had the same idea – stop in Cochrane and have an early dinner with my Dad. I called him from a gas station and we met at the local Smitty’s, where everyone knows my Dad’s name! Since I had the Aerostich, I set it up in the classic pose …

I had made a reservation for a cabin at at a off-the-beaten-path place in Canmore for the night. It was pretty rustic for sure.

Since we had already eaten dinner back in Cochrane, we just went to Starbucks for a latte, then Safeway for some water. Back at the motel, we hit the bed. Off to Jasper in the morning!


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