VStrom Tech Day

09 September 2012 – Big Dan, with the local VSRI group decided to host a VStrom tech day at his place. Louise wanted to change out the links in the rear suspension of her VStrom, so we headed over.

There were a couple of other VStrom guys there, including Andrew, the young guy that had shared our site in Nakusp last month. He had his bike on the lift working on the shift lever and stuff.

Once he was done, we got Louise’s VStrom on the lift and she started working on changing out the links. Dan made her run the bike up onto the lift and do most of the wrenching, which was very cool.

While we were wrenching, a wicked storm blew in with high winds and marble-sized hail.

By the time Louise finished with the links, and we’d visited and drank some lovely tea made by Dan’s girlfriend Kay, the storm had passed over and we left to head home.

The new links were supposed to be the same height as the adjustable Soupys’ that she had on last year, but Louise noticed that the rear of the bike felt a little higher. She’ll have to ride it some more before knowing for sure.

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