Happy New Year!

2013Auld lang syne and all that!!

It’s a new year and so we say so long to the year that was 2012. 2012 was a year of big changes, great trips, significant milestones in our lives and loss.

Loss – We lost both Molly (15) and Gidget (14) this year. Losing Molly was hard to take, but we saw it coming for so long and she’d had number of near-crippling episodes with her back. Losing Gidget was extremely hard, much harder than Molly or Sassy. Gidget was Louise’s favourite by far and Gidget was for sure Louise’s dog. It still hurts and we’re going to miss her for a long long time.

Milestones – Both Louise and I had our 50th Birthdays this year. Neither of us feel like we’re 50, and everyone that meets us has a hard time believing that we’re 45 never mind 50! Good genes I guess.

Big Changes – I changed jobs again, not by choice, but I’m now slaving away for Metafore managing the pre-sales and consulting practice for Western Canada. Louise traded in the Commander for a new 2013 Wrangler and Robert bought a new Chevy Sonic.

Trips – Wow! Big Trips! Louise went to Vegas for a week, first time in Vegas for her. Then she went on a solo adventure on her bike to Sarnia, ON and back – a week down and a week back! See Louise’s Solo to Sarnia blog entries for the details. While she was gone on that trip I went on a long-weekend Run-to-the-Hills ride with the local VStrom crew down in Waterton Lakes area – see the Run-to-the-Hills 2012 blog entries for details and pictures. A week after Louise got back from her big solo trip, we left together on our 2012 Nakusp HU trip where we saw more of the Grande Prairie General Hospital than we wanted to.

2013 looks like it’ll be a good year – maybe more stable than the last two. We’re healthy (except for Louise’s ankle, but that’ll heal), Robert’s healthy, the dogs, Ryker and Izzy are healthy. We’ve got some trips lined up – WeSTOC on Vancouver Island, a trip to Phoenix for the AirCombat Adventure, our annual big trip and Louise might go on another big solo adventure.

So stay tuned!