WeSTOC2013 – Day 10

Monday, July 1, 2013

We’d be home sometime this afternoon – it’s about a 4-5 hour ride to Calgary from Cranbrook.

Remember that Starbucks I mentioned yesterday? We decided to have breakfast there.

Another “product placement” …

… maybe so, but that breakfast muffin sure tasted good.

We got away pretty early – hitting the road just after 9am, which meant that we’d probably be home mid-afternoon.

Coming up on Fernie, traffic was very slow on the highway. Way back on Day 1 I had noted that the river was washing out a lane adjacent to the highway and by today construction crews had been hard at work making sure the rest of the eastbound lane didn’t fall away into the river.

This is the Fernie Stanford Resort, it’s a fairly striking building …

The rivers are still running pretty high …

We rolled into Sparwood at, lets see, 10:26am!

The primary reason was a bio break at the Sparwood Visitor Centre …

Louise must have wanted to document my beard with this close up shot. I can grow a pretty good beard, but it’s mostly grey now 😦

Tek operates a giant coal mine just over that ridge …

The west-bound passing lane just east of Sparwood was still being worked on after being in danger of washing away earlier in the week …

… that tree there is still in danger of losing it.

Another matching boot shot …

Yay, we’re back in Alberta! Now we’re going through the frustrating Crowsnest Pass area – traffic is usually pretty slow and there are few opportunities to pass …

One day I’m going to check out the Blackbird Coffee House – it’s in an old church!

What’s left of Turtle Mountain …

Frank Slide …

Turning of Highway 3 onto Highway 22 to head north.

After an hour or so running up the 22, and then east to Nanton, we stopped at the Flying J truck stop on Highway 2 for a bio break and a stretch. Louise may look like she’s doing a hero pose, but really she’s stretching out her back.

Back on the road, Highway 2 north to Calgary – ah the wide open skies of the Alberta prairie …

The happy-face barn on Highway 2 just south of Cayley not far from Calgary.

By 230pm we’d made it home safe and sound …

Just over 3550 kms …

All in, a great trip. I really enjoyed riding through Washington and through Anacortes. Having to replace the tire in Victoria was a a pain, but it all worked out well. Riding the Victoria area side roads and hanging out with the Honda ST crowd was fun. It was great having Louise on board for the return trip and I finally got to ride through Lilloet.

I did miss all the excitement that the flood caused in Calgary, by the time I got back, things had settled down to normal except for the hardest hits areas close by the rivers.

How did Louise like riding two-up? Well, she’s pretty adamant that she’ll never do it again. Not because she was scared or anything – rather, she was bored silly. Maybe that’s why she took a bunch of pictures of our feet. At any rate, she’ll be riding her own bike on any future trips.

Next up – Run to the Hills 2013 in Northern Alberta!


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