There and Back – The Whitehorse Adventure – Day 9

Stewart, BC

Today was going to be a relatively light day – we just planned to wander around the town and see the sights and rest up for the rest of the trip. We’d thought of heading over to Hyder, AK so we could say that we went to Alaska, but Louise did not bring her passport. We would need the passport to get back into Canada without a bunch of hassle, and we didn’t want to knowingly subject ourselves to a hassle.

First task was finding breakfast. Didn’t think it’d be that tough but as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, there’s not a lot going on in Stewart. We found the Silverado Cafe across from the Ripley Creek Inn and enjoyed a light breakfast followed by a walk up the estuary. There is couple of kilometres of boardwalk out into the estuary with some informative plaques talking about the flora and fauna of the estuary.

Along the way Louise spotted a fallen rotting tree trunk that had a small forest growing on it!

Whitehorse19 Day 09 - 11

The sky was mostly clearing up from yesterday’s clouds and light rain. The picture below was from mid-way on the boardwalk looking to the south-east.

Whitehorse19 Day 09 - 17

We continued walking around the western end of town for a bit, then headed back to  our room at the Inn for a bit. This hack of a machine is parked in the Ripley Inn roadway between buildings.

Whitehorse19 Day 09 - 19
It’s an old car mounted onto a tracked chassis, presumably for getting around in the snow or perhaps at one of the mine sites up in the mountains. There’s no explanation for it – it’s just sitting there.

After hanging out in the room for a bit reading it was lunchtime, so we headed to find something to eat. We figured we’d just pickup some sandwiches and some fruit, and have a picnic in the park near the motel. After getting some things at the Harbour Lights grocery, we sat down in the sun and had good eats.
Whitehorse19 Day 09 - 21
Whitehorse19 Day 09 - 22

Still feeling lazy, we drifted back to the room where Louise had a nap. I sat down outside and worked on the computer. While I typed away, I heard a hell of a commotion with the local chickens …
Whitehorse19 Day 09 - 24
… which were crowing and cackling and running around. Followed by a coupe of the Inn’s staff running by asking if had seen the bear! Apparently a young bear had ambled through the area between the buildings towards the estuary. Scared a staffer and set off the chickens. I didn’t see the bear myself, but it seems certain that the chickens did!

Later in the afternoon we figured we’d head over the Stewart Museum for a look at some culture. The museum used to be at the old Firehall, where there are still some artifacts, but the museum itself has moved to upper floor of the Service BC Centre, which was the old town school.

By the time we got the museum itself it was close to 5pm and the museum was closing. The custodian was staying late for a bit, so she allowed us in to have a quick look at the various mining information and artefacts that the museum had on display, then headed back the long way to the Inn.

Along the way, just off the highway, Telus had a building with antennas and whatnot, as well as these three old phone booths …
Whitehorse19 Day 09 - 32
… and so being the curious type that I am, I headed over to have a look. Two of the three were just empty shells, but the third had a phone in it. I picked up the handset …
Whitehorse19 Day 09 - 33
… and it had a dialtone! A still working phone booth! Don’t see too many of those anymore.

Back at the room again, I was outside reading when Rooster the chicken chief ambled by clucking away. Apparently he’d recovered from the earlier bear scare and acting all tough again …
Whitehorse19 Day 09 - 35

Since it was by this late afternoon, getting near to 6pm, travellers started to arrive, including a bunch of “wild hog” types from somewhere in Ontario riding their cruisers. In addition to the loud pipes, the guys were pretty loud and foul-mouthed as well. One guy was loudly and rudely berating all around him that his room reservation had been screwed up and he clearly wanted everyone to feel his pain.
Whitehorse19 Day 09 - 36

In addition to the cruiser dudes, a couple of Australians here on a whirlwind trip pulled in on an AfricaTwin and GS1200. They were loud as well but at least polite.

Louise and I went back to the restaurant at the King Edward Hotel for dinner, along with nearly every other traveler in town. Like I said before, there’s no much going on here in Stewart! Lots more cruiser riders arrived, most staying at the King Edward Motel across the street from the Hotel and restaurant.

After dinner we went for another walk on the boardwalk and snapped a couple of more pictures, before calling it a night.
Whitehorse19 Day 09 - 38Whitehorse19 Day 09 - 39

Stewart is a pretty little town that runs at a rather relaxed pace. Louise really liked it here and wants to come back for a longer stay sometime.

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