There and Back – The Whitehorse Adventure – Day 13

August 16, 2019 – Clearwater, BC to Revelstoke, BC

We slept in a bit in the kosy KOA Kabin, then had instant oatmeal for brekkie and packed up. Heading back south on Highway 5, we retraced the few kms from Little Fort that we did the day before, and continued south to Kamloops. The further south we got, the heavier the traffic got. At some points it was pretty brutal – at one point we got passed by an F350 brodozer pulling a 20+ ft trailer doing about 140kph! He was passing everything and anything – on corners, on solid lines and into oncoming traffic. Must have had somewhere important to be that he was late for!

Eventually we came to Kamloops and a whole mess of traffic, especially merging onto Highway 1. It was coming on midday, but neither of us wanted to stop in Kamloops for food. We decided to press on another hour and stop at the Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum and Sprocket Cafe that I’d heard about.

There was a sign on the side of the road that said something like “Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum 30 mins ahead” so I started counting down. We were something like 40 minutes down the road when I happened to see the sign on the right and called to Louise “right turn right here!” We had to cross a lane of busy traffic to get over in time to make the corner, but we did it without causing any crashes.
Whitehorse19 Day 13 - 2

The Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum turned out to be very cool and we had a pretty enjoyable 90 minutes wandering the building and checking out the bikes there.  We took pictures of many, but here are a couple of highlights …

That blue bike, a ’75 Honda CB400F, was pretty close to the first bike that Louise and I had back in 1984 or so – a yellow 1976 CB400/4 SS – the handlebars on our dropped a bit more compared to the standard bars on the blue one.
Whitehorse19 Day 13 - 6

As cool as the museum was, the Sprocket Cafe was a bit of a disappointment. I’ve heard other folks talk about the cafe and rave about it. But there wasn’t much food left and no sticky buns grrrrr so we just got pre-made sandwiches and iced tea, ate outside, and mounted up to head to Revelstoke.

Whitehorse19 Day 13 - 1

A couple more hours of riding found us in Revelstoke and we quickly found our way to the Gateway Inn on the west side of the town. While we were waiting to check in, the couple ahead of us were having a bit of trouble comprehending the 2-star status of the motel and what it meant in terms of room quality versus price. Welcome to the tourist zone. The room was fine – very simple, rather small and quite rustic in ways, but it was clean enough. We unpacked, and headed out for dinner.

The dinner place had been figured out long before, as soon as we figured that we’d be stopping at Revelstoke – the Nomad Food Co. and it was literally just across the road from the motel!
Whitehorse19 Day 13 - 14
As usual the place was hopping busy (I took the picture above a while later in the evening after the place had closed), and the food, as usual, was really good.

Whitehorse19 Day 13 - 10
Wow, is that haircut ever terrible! I should have left my hat on. The milkshake, however, was awesome.

If you’re ever in Revelstoke I highly recommend stopping at the Nomad. We chilled back at the motel room for a bit, then went for a walk, stopping by Starbuck’s for a latte and then at this sign at the entrance to the townsite:
Whitehorse19 Day 13 - 13

The weather was mostly dull with a few rain showers passing through. We could see some rainclouds rolling down the mountainside on the north side of town and some pretty cool looking clouds along the lake on the south side.
Whitehorse19 Day 13 - 11Whitehorse19 Day 13 - 12

Back at the motel, we read for a bit and hit the hay, both happy and sad that tomorrow night we’d be in our own beds!


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