My New Ride – 2014 FJR1300 ES

That’s my new Yamaha FJR1300 ES, just picked up and brought her home today!



FJR Tech Day

This past Saturday went to the local FJR Tech Day. It’s a day where a bunch of us FJR owners get together at someone’s house and we wrench our bikes. There’s always an oil change or two to do, and sometimes there’s something major like tire changes or swing arm bearing repacks.

I had some electrical things to do to Louise’s VStrom so she came along. We FJR owners aren’t exclusive, we’ll play with other bikes, so Louise and her VStrom were more than welcome. ┬áThere were a half-dozen FJRs and a couple of V-Stroms

One of the big things to do to a later model FJR is to install the supplemental wiring harness to mitigate the dreaded “ground spider”. I did mine last summer and a fellow FJR owner, Guy, helped me a bit with it. He had mentioned it then that he thought he’s do the same to his FJR, so he ordered up the harness and arranged to install it at Tech Day.

So that was my Tech Day – install the electrical stuff onto the VStrom, help Guy with his harness install, and change the oil in my FJR.

A great day!

Louise wrenching her VStrom

Louise wrenching her VStrom

FJRs at FJRguy's place for Tech Day

Guy and his stripped down FJR

Guy and his stripped down FJR