Ian’s Bike(s)

We get asked a lot about our bikes and the riding gear and electronics and camping stuff, so I thought I’d start collecting all of my stuff in one place, at least until the list gets so big that I have to break it up..

2009 Yamaha FJR1300

The FJR is a sport-tourer – which means it’s neither a sport bike or a touring bike. But it is a great hybrid – at home on the highway at cruising speeds, and fun enough with great acceleration from the 4 cyl 1300cc engine, and pretty good handling for a relatively heavy bike.

Riding Gear – Aerostich Roadcrafter 2-piece suit

While not very flattering from certain perspectives, this is a great weather-proof, all season suit that I’ve had since 2008. It’s armoured in all the right places and is so easy to get on and off. I wear it pretty much every day to work and back.

Riding Gear – Schuberth C3 Anthracite Modular Helmet

Best helmet available today – that is all. Ok well maybe there is more. It’s quiet, which is the number one requirement for a helmet for me. It’s also very light, which is nice when you’re wearing it for 8 or 10 hours at a time with only short breaks. It’s a modular flip front helmet, which is handy for talking to someone or looking at something. It’s got a built in sun visor, which means no need for sunglasses. It’s got great venting so you can have some air moving through it when it’s really hot out.

Riding Gear – Alpinestar WebGortex Touring Boots

Great all weather boots, good in wet and … Well boots are boots when it’s hot.


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