The New Blog

I’ve been using iWeb for my entire website, but since I’ve been using my iPad more and more, not being able to add a blog entry has become enough of an irritant to try WordPress again. There is no iWeb for the iPad so there’s no way to edit my site at on the iPad.

Back last summer I tried out using just the iPad – I didn’t take the laptop at all. I was able to sort of edit the site, but there were other issues mostly related to connectivity (I have Rogers service, which is kinda spotty in the interior of BC) and I realized that I needed to the laptop to download routes to my GPS. So I’ll not be going without a laptop again.

But I still want to be able to update the blog quickly from the iPad, so I’m going to try WordPress again. Why WordPress? It has a usable app for the iPad and the others don’t (yet). So we’ll see how it goes.


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