WeSTOC Day 5 – The Ride Home

I had mostly packed the night before, so I had little packing and stuff to do this morning. Wearing my Aerostich riding suit I ventured out in search of breakfast. I found Guy and couple of other guys hanging around waiting until 11am when they were heading down to Colville in the US for a few more days of riding before heading home. The other Calgary bound folks were going to leave at 8am, but I think they were much later than I was.

With the bike all packed up by 845, I hit the road. Light drizzle pretty much followed me out of town and continued all the way south until I hit Highway 3. Then it rained. And it rained for while, then on and off.

My plan was simple, head to Creston to top off the gas tank and grab a breakfast supplement and a coffee, then on to Sparwood, BC to fill up and have some lunch, then just push on to home. And in spite of the rain, that simple plan held together all the way, when I got home just before 6pm.

While the rain was pretty easy to take, by the time I made the Crowsnest Pass area, the wind really picked up and it was blowing like crazy all the way Highway 22 and Highway 2 into Calgary. But I made home safe and sound, after racking up well over 2000 kms on the bike.

Many thanks to Apple SE team, my former tribe for graciously contributing to my gas fund – I used up the entire amount and left nothing on the table.

Now I did have pictures, but before I thought to off-load them, I managed to run the iPhone through the washing machine. So I might have lost them – we’ll see.

Thanks for following along!



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