Gidget as Sleeping Beauty

Pretty much every day that I’m working at home, Gidget cannot wait to get down to the office and jump into her bed, and today was no exception. In fact she seemed extra frantic to get down there today. I was in Edmonton yesterday, we just had a long weekend and I was away for a couple of days last week too. So it had been days since the last time she was down here with me.

So early this morning, I took some recycling down to the bins, and Gidget followed me down. After I shoo’ed her back upstairs, she glared me like somehow I’d denied her her rightful place. I went down again a little later, and the same thing happen, Gidget denied and glaring at me.

Gidget sleeping in her bed in my office

Gidget in her office bed

So when I’d had my shower and gathered up the laptop, iPad, iPhone and a coffee, she was prancing and dancing, because this time, since I had all the “office stuff”, I was REALLY going to the office!

Five minutes later here she is … and she’ll be here all day, snoring away.

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